A fantasy community sim game


What is Enos world?

Enos world is an opensimulator grid used as a multiplayer community simulation game set in a fantasy world.

Be prepared to experience daily living or for those looking for some action, adventure quests.

Write your own story and work your way till you achieve your goal.


Work, garden, fish, cook and so much more! Improve your skills to succeed and progress toward your goals!


Fun alone, but better with others. The game is group focus but will allow people to progress alone when needed.

Free to play

The game is 100% free to play. The game use it's own in game currency that allow you to earn money and purchase anything you might need!


As you progress you'll enable housing, furnitures, clothing etc.

You will either purchase or craft what you need.

The game HUD add to the realness of living with needs to fill daily just like you would in real life.


More then a Role-Play,
it's a new life!

While traditionnal Role-Play work like writing a novel and predenting to be someone or something that do or own imaginary things.

Enos World will provide you a realistic experience of daily living. You know better then us who you want to be or become. There is your chance to climb the laders as far as you desire!


In Enos World, people can be what they want as long as they work their way into it. Everyone start the same and have the same chances in their first steps. Only you can decide what will happen next!  Choose from many activities, jobs, quest to make your new life the best!


We Take Pride in Our Values


Offer the same chances to everyone


No real life money is ever required


With friends or alone, always something to do


A realistic experience mixed with a fantastic universe


Friendly community, 18+ adult only

Advances Systems






Ready to start your new adventure?

Discover this huge word with all his possibilites for your new life to bloom in a fantasy old time scene!